Kirsten and I have recorded many voiceovers together over the years. She really engages with a brief to ensure she can bring her own interpretation to a project once we're in the studio. She fully commits to the delivery of a voiceover and is extremely receptive when it comes to direction. Her skills as a copywriter are an added bonus, as we'll often discuss ideas and adapt a script on the fly where necessary to ensure the best outcome for a client. She's professional, enthusiastic and, above all, an absolute pleasure to work with.

Mandy Kullar, Creative Director, Turntable Media Ltd

Kirsten is brilliant to work with – we've been working together while she lends her voice to many of Mosaic's podcasts. Not only does she make the recording sessions fun, but her professionalism shines through - every piece has clearly been well prepped and every noun, piece of jargon and name slips off her tongue like silk.

Barry Gibb, Science Multimedia Producer/Filmmaker